Are Organic products better for Skin?

Are Organic products better for Skin?

A shining and glowing is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new!

Isn't it?           

And, we always wonder what is their secret? 

"Healthy skin is a mirror to your personality." 

But, have you ever thought what your favourite skin products full of chemicals are doing to your skin? Check the back of the products you use and you have your answer right there. 

"In olden days, there were only natural and household materials used for skin care but after advancement of science, various artificial skin care techniques flooded the market  but gradually it felt that result are not satisfying when it comes to artificial skin care and cosmetic products." 

You can find many clinics for cosmetic surgery in every nook and corner of metro cities, but be cautious; those may damage the tone of the skin permanently. Thing could go wrong beyond your imagination. 

Now, people have gradually realized the importance of herbal and organic products which are safe and environment friendly. So many good products to choose from.

No doubt, getting the right product is even more important. 

Organic products are made up of natural ingredients, means no artificial colors or chemicals added or used.

Methodology and process in making of such organic products is eco-friendly and skin friendly. 

  • As organic products consist of ingredients extracted from Natural Habitat, nutritional value remains intact and provides complete nourishment on application. 
  • Organic preparations are to be closely monitored by experts of this field for fetching desired results. 
  • Organic and Natural products are widely used in baby care products also, as baby skin is soft and sensitive which is most vulnerable to reactions and allergies. Baby skin requires good nourishment and care. 

Why use Organic Products For Skin?

Organic skin care products are available in many forms like essential oils, scrub, body lotion, body wash, kajal, lip balm, lip gloss, after shave lotions etc. 

Organic skin products are all season products where in winters our skin needs extra care, it nourishes and hydrates it. 

In summer it rejuvenates and helpful in treating oily skin and refreshes by eliminating thwart of pollution. 

Organic and Herbal products like massage oils, face cream and hair oil provides calmness to body and soul. 

Generally, Organic skin care products have longer shelf life and bio-degradable in nature when useful life is over. With deeper penetration in skin they are most effective. 

Mostly Organic Products works on principle of non-violence and nature friendly so they are not tested on animals so in a way closest to the law of nature.

Grab a look how Organic products are good for skin-

  • -Oils like almond oil, olive oil etc., which can be used for soothing and smoothing your skin by applying it. Skin becomes vitalized and Oils are ideal in acne-prone skin.
  • -Different types of herbs which are useful to repair your skin such as green tea, rose and lavender. These ingredients are helpful to calm itchy and any antiseptic areas and allergic reactions.
  • -Other products like ginger, tea tree, cedar wood remedy dry skin, toning the skin, rashes.
  • -Powders like turmeric works as a natural anti-biotic for internal and external purposes and applications.
  • -Skin and Hair related problems can be easily treated with organic and natural
  • -Neem and Tulsi are used as key contents in natural and organic face wash, which rejuvenates the skin badly affected due to pollution.
  • -Many organic ingredients have medicinal value for treating skin related problems, which is much safer and effective in compare to other methods of treatment.

It's time to stop using the harmful chemical and start going the organic way for the skin care!

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