Is organic food good for your baby's health?

Is organic food good for your baby's health?

A competitive world that we all live in has many complications.

Isn’t it?

Right from the children to the aged, everybody are a victim of this fast paced superficial life. We want everything in a click of second. Yes, we do not have time to wait for the right time.

We are so impatient that we do not allow even the plants to grow at their pace. We add fertilizers and pesticides to the plants to grow early and bear the fruits and veggies without thinking about their end result. The residue of these fertilizers and pesticides has a huge impact on the health of the infants.


Imagine when a baby is born and you feed them with chemical rich food.

What would you expect? A healthy baby?

Absolutely not! Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Why crib later, when an early solution is available?

Thus, parents should care right from the infant stage - a perfect stage when the new one starts developing the body parts. Organic food is the only solution that can lead to a healthy development of your child.


And trust us, it is not our opinion, but the research says it. Here are few points to substantiate:


High Nutrient value:

If you do not trust us, try the organic fruit and the inorganic ones. You are sure to find a difference in their taste. The digestive system of the baby is more efficient than that of adults. Hence, the quotient of nutrients matters a lot. Pick an organic fruit and a non-organic one. Feed the baby and see the reaction of your kid. The kiddo will be more attracted towards the organic ones.




Environment friendly:

Shouldn’t you be responsible towards your ecosystem? The birds, plants, wildlife and other species also needs to be protected and this is possible only if you are environment friendly. Switch to organic farming as it works in favor of the nature and not against it. Thus, the food that your baby consumes will help to form a better environment apart from building their health.

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Level of pesticides:

Lesser the usage of processed food, better is for your child. There are several baby foods and if they are full of preservatives, your baby is likely to develop health complications. The organic food has a lesser level of pesticides when compared to the processed ones. Try feeding your baby with natural fruits, veggies and juices. They contain lesser residue.


Better immune system:

A stronger immune system prevents the baby from attracting diseases. It will strengthen the body’s capacity to fight with germs and bacteria.. An infant stage is the one where the major growth of the child begins. Risking this stage would be risky. Be it the development of the brain or  functioning of the kidneys’, an organic food is a direct way for a better health.


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Source of happiness:

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. No longer you have to hunt for the source of happiness. Try the organic food and see a smile on your toddler.

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Still need reasons to switch to organic food? Every parent would want their kids to be healthy and disease free.

Research has proved several benefits of organic farming and it is high time we have switched to it.

A baby’s food is very crucial and it cannot be ignored at any point.

Want to shower your love towards your baby?

What better way than feeding them with nutritious and chemical free food! Do try it out and share the benefits of organic baby food with us.








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