Top Reasons to go for Organic Skin Care products this summer

Top Reasons to go for Organic Skin Care products this summer


They say, “Beauty is more than skin deep”.

Well, we couldn’t agree more!

Every day we expose our skin to plethora of chemicals inside our skin care products, most of which are readily absorbed by the skin.

You will find it hard to believe that our skin acts as a barrier to around 130 such chemicals.

While the FDA maintains that many such chemicals present in our regular cosmetics are safe in small quantities, considering the amount of make-up we have to wear every day, we can’t entirely avoid their side effects, right?! So why not switch entirely to nature for our skin care regime rather than brainstorming about keeping a check on the amount of chemicals we get exposed to!


Why Organic Skincare?

Why not?

The organic products are natural and gentle on skin. The organic ingredients present in the skincare products are grown without the use of any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide that makes them the safest for our bodies. The quality and performance of these products are simply unmatchable. So ladies, it’s time to say yes to organic!

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Why should you go absolutely organic this summer?

Summers are here around the corner and it is time to invest in some good cosmetics for your skin! Considering the health value that organic products will contribute to your overall skin health, let us take you to round-up of why to go totally organic this summer –

  1. Skin loves being pampered naturally

Our skin loves natural products as their chemical composition works naturally with that of our skin. Given the right products, our skin heals better and thus looks better.

  1. Chemicals are harsh on our skin

We all know the benefits of an organic diet. So why slathering our skin with loads of chemicals?

Let’s give to the skin what it needs – Healthy natural organic products.

Synthetic chemicals are downright scary and can contribute to illness. The prolonged use of some chemicals has been known to cause hormonal imbalance, cancer, chronic infections, headaches etc.

 So ask yourself, isn’t it the time to switch to natural ones?

  1. Organic means improved skin health

Your skin is going to love the feel of natural products, trust me!

With regular use, you will notice amazing changes in your skin like improved skin texture, increased skin vitality, less spots, smoother skin and nonetheless less aging. Yes, all of this is possible with organic skincare regime.

  1. Stay beautiful inside out

Organic skincare products work on a deeper level although they will take little more time than usual but rest assured they will be the most effective.

If you happen to run out of a product, you can simply whip a few ingredients and voila you have your own natural DIY organic mask. The best thing with organic products is that you can mix them together and they would still be effective. They won’t irritate your skin and will suit every skin type perfectly. When they are absorbed by your skin, they bring about permanent changes in your skin texture by improving it over the time. Unlike chemicals, they might not produce results instantly but they heal your skin from within giving you a permanent glow.

  1. Let us look at the stats – they say it all

 20% of skin care products contain at least one chemical that may cause cancer. Most of the chemicals in the regular cosmetics are carcinogens or cancer-causing. Apart from that, around 22% of cosmetics have impurities that can cause cancer as well.

Needless to say, it is time to invest in skin health and go total organic for the love of our skin! 



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