Why use Organic Hair colour?

Why use Organic Hair colour?


We all yearn for those gracious locks and coloring our hair can somehow infuse a new life into our hair as well as changing the way we look altogether.

I am sure most ladies and gentlemen too must have faced this fear deep inside wondering about the adverse effects of hair colors on your hair and then just shrugging the whole idea of coloring your hair.

Fret not, we tell you.

Organic way is the natural way to color your hair and forgetting all about the toxic chemical present in your regular cosmetic hair color products.

Yeah, dump them right away and learn why you should go about coloring your hair naturally and organically. Here is why –

  1. No dangerous toxic chemicals

Natural hair colors are full of natural ingredients and hair loving nutrients with no preservatives or toxic chemicals. The ordinary chemical hair colors have cancer causing agents like APEs and PPDs which are a major source of hormonal imbalance, skin irritants and they are even dangerous to the environment.

The research shows that coloring your hair 8-10 times a year with the chemicals pose a great threat to your health which is not the case with organic ones. Organic hair colors are gentle on your scalp, have no preservatives or ammonia and can actually improve your hair health. So you know what to choose the next time you go for a hair color.

  1. Hair healthy properties

It is a common myth that when you apply hair color, it does not penetrate your scalp. It does actually and it strips off your hair of its vitality and build toxins. The scalp is likely to absorb the chemicals present in the chemical dyes eventually passing them into our blood stream where they develop health issues. This does not happen with organic hair coloring agents like Henna or Amla.

Henna is a natural herb and makes for a wonderful natural hair dye. You can mix it with lemon, curd or tea concoction to give a more refined color. Overall, your hair would not only look beautiful but also get more strength and shine.

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  1. Get rid of dandruff and hair fall

Amla, when mixed with Henna enriched organic hair color, can help reduce the common hair problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. Not only that but it also helps in increasing the overall strength and texture of hair strand making them less susceptible to hair fall.

  1. Condition your hair while covering up the grays

The chemical hair dyes rip our hair strand so much of the natural moisture that it becomes life less and prone to hair fall. The organic and natural hair dyes, on the other hand, help to condition our hair and retain their natural shine and strength.

For example, Carrot or Beet juice mixed with some coconut oil works like a magic on your hair.

Not only it covers the grey hair but also condition them from root to tip. Make a hair mask by mixing carrot juice with some coconut oil and keep it on your hair for two hours and unveil the well-conditioned reddish colored locks.

  1. Aids hair growth and volume

The organic hair colors with lemon and walnut shell aids in fast hair growth. The high content of Vitamin C in lemon accelerates the hair growth and it has been a time-tested recipe since medieval times.

You get to play with your hair color and at the same time get gorgeously voluminous hair. Not only that, walnut helps in scalp exfoliation and treating split ends.

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So, isn't it the time you act smarter and start applying the recipes for the beautiful hair?





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