Why  use organic lip shades and Kajal?

Why  use organic lip shades and Kajal?

Do you remember the times when our grandmother used to stress on using natural beauty products especially those made up of organic honey, milk, almond etc?

We do remember how our mothers insisted on using natural Kajal for our eyes for better eye health and same with lip balms. We all know the benefits of going organic. There are many advantages of using organic and natural skin care products.

Not only they beautify and enhance the looks but they have properties to improve vision, eye health and overall skin texture too. Let us talk about the benefits of using organic lip shades and Kajal –


  1. No chemicals/side effects

The preservative used in cosmetic products are harsh on skin and risks of side effects are high. Often the regular cosmetics produce irritation, itching or redness on skin that is why they recommend doing a patch test to be sure about the allergic reactions that it may cause on your skin. A chemical called Paraben in regular cosmetic products is allergic and linked with many serious diseases.

This, however, does not happen in the case of organic makeup products. Organic Kajal is soothing to the eyes and so is the lip shade. Organic lip color has potentially no side effect and improves the skin texture by smoothing it.

  1. Gentle on skin

Organic lip color is particularly gentle on the lips and helps even out the dry, chapped lips. Lip balms are mild and extremely gentle on the sensitive skin of lips. It also helps to undo the discoloration of the lips and bring back the original pink color of natural lips.

The organic Kajal is extremely gentle on the eyes. Since we all know how precious our eyes are and we can rarely afford to take the risk with our eyes by using harsh, chemical loaded Kajals. So that’s when organic Kajal comes to the rescue by protecting your eyes as well as improving the vision.

  1. Fresh, natural ingredients

The ingredients of organic Kajal and lip color are derived from plants, fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of nutrients beneficial for our skin.

The natural vitamins and minerals in the organic lip color or lip balm can do wonders on your skin and you can witness the good results of the power of nature almost overnight. The lip balms made from cocoa butter aids in providing essential moisture to the skin giving you a healthy, smoother skin. Apart from that, extracts from apricot, peach etc are also widely used in making skin-friendly lip colors.

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  1. 4. Natural fragrances

The organic Kajal and lip shades have that really mild and soothing fragrance that is derived from 100% natural products. Since Kajal is something that every girl wears for the  whole day so the unpleasant fragrances stay with our body for the entire day as well.

Man-made aromas are known to have a disrupting effect on our brains and induce nervous system disorders as well as several allergies. Most lip balms and Kajal contain essential oils which are in fact healthy for our skin.

  1. Protection from aging

Choosing a natural and organic lip shade helps a great deal in protecting from premature aging. They are loaded with antioxidants and skin friendly nutrients that help retain the youthful glow of the skin. Have you noticed how our lips get discolored and lose elasticity with age or even our eyes become dull and susceptible to wrinkles or dark circles? The organic lip color and Kajal reverse the effects of aging and lends a glow.  



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