Why You Must Consume Organic Products?

Why You Must Consume Organic Products?

A baby is born, and before it takes its first breath, it is treated with a genetically mutated virus. Soon, the baby grows 2 more limbs, an extra eye, probably a couple of wings, 2 more ears on the back of its head, and may be a tail.


Now, do you think, you’ll be able to do all the ‘coochie-poochie’ kind of stuff with this little creature?


The point is, its body might not even survive long.

Reason? It isn’t Natural.


One may argue, that the ‘utility’ of its body is increased, probably the growth too. But then, what about the side effects? The kind of harm it’ll cause to its fellow creatures?


 If you can imagine this catastrophe, imagine what is your ‘chemically-treated’ food doing to you. What if you are told, that your food is this very baby?


Treated with pesticides and chemicals to accelerate growth. But after all that, can you actually say, it is the very food the way it is supposed to be?


Now imagine this.

Fresh-spring water, cool and flowing, originating from the Himalayas going right down your throat, reddest of the red Kashmiri Apples with dew droplets on their skins bursting into juicy pieces in your mouth, freshly cut green and cool aloe Vera’s gel applied smoothly on your cheeks- you see, that’s nature.

Moral of the story- Organic products are these same Himalayan waters, Kashmiri apples and freshly cut aloe Vera’s gel packed for you. Specially for you, right from the natural origins.


Well, if that didn’t impress you, these are the exact reasons, Organic products are a boon for you.


No chemicals. Can you differentiate between the food cooked by your mother, and the food cooked on that ‘corner-joint’ on the street?


That is the exact difference between Organic and Chemically treated food. One is prepared with nature’s love, and the other simply to make profits. Which one is healthy, well, you know the answer.



They taste better. Exponentially better. Like the ‘ghar ka khaana’, Organic food tastes brilliant. It is juicy, crunchy and in its natural form. Just the way, it should be.



They’re eco-friendly. What if you’re told, plucking that gorgeous rose would actually help the plant in growing more? Well, that doesn’t happen with roses, but it is what happens with Organic food.

Since it isn’t treated with chemicals, it doesn’t affect the land’s fertility; in fact the seeds and left-overs of Organic foods help in better growth. Preserving environment and the shades of green is our duty. And with organic farming, that’s a different level of being eco-friendly!


They support growth. Organic products are free from toxins. (Toxins are substances containing poisonous elements.) Because of their natural composition, Organic products contain more nutrition and hence are perfect for the growth years of children.



They’re premium. Because nature doesn’t discriminate. Anything and everything produced naturally has similar nutritional value, no side-effects, and all the ‘natural’ benefits. Also, Organic products are backed by several certifications and NGOs, thereby assuring you of premium quality. You see quality, visible right on the products design and the sellers face.


Don’t believe it? Try SoulTree, Tvam, Pristine, Rustic Art Mitti Se to name a few.


Wellness everywhere. When you buy an Organic Product, you’re becoming the source of spreading happiness to a farmer who must’ve worked hard to grow chemical-free healthy crops.

Now that, feels good. You nourish yourself with the good food and the environment too is happy the way ecosystem is balanced.



Natural growth, eco-friendly, premium quality, higher nutrition value, welfare of the producers, ‘growth’ friendly, toxin-free, certified in quality, right from the natural origins- !

That’s a long list of benefits of Organic Products.


Simply stating, Organic Products are better, and that’s why you should consume them. And, if that doesn’t convince you, well buy a nice medical insurance, at least.


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