Mind blowing Facts about What our Grand Parents used to call Food a.k.a Organic Food!


Organic Food?

Organic Food is naturally grown with pure water, soil and air. They are grown without use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Natural fertilizers like neem, vermi compost, compost made from farm waste and other organic fertilizers are used to ward off the pests and insects that harm the plant as well as the soil. Let’s know why our older generation keeps ranting about the degraded quality of food we eat nowadays:-

Invaluable Benefits of Organic Farming and Food:

  • Harmless to environment
  • Helps in retaining natural qualities and characteristics of crops and plants, it also retains higher level of nutrients in the products.
  • Helps in retaining natural qualities of soil and thus the fertility
  • Also reduces soil erosion.
  • No water pollution
  • Promotes animal welfare
  • Helps to strengthen immunity and ward off diseases
  • Organic Food tastes better than non-organic as all natural aroma and nutrient are intact.
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Prevents cancer, diabetes, heart and other life style diseases.
  • Organic farming is much cheaper in comparison to conventional farming as the by-products and wastes are all used as rich resources to further generate compost or fertilizers.

Interesting Organic Facts 

200 odd research papers claim that conventional farming with major use of fertilizers and pesticides is the major cause of cancer, chronic diseases like heart attack and diabetes, and is even responsible for defective births. But all is not lost! We still have time to make a change and contribute our bit.

And it seems that the wave of change has already started:-

  • Sikkim is India’s first official organic state which has completely adopted organic way of farming and eco-friendly way of living.
  • Denmark officially declared itself to only adopt organic farming recently and feed its citizen organic food.
  • Bhutan is the only country with a negative carbon footprint. The way of farming there is purely organic which can be a reason to boost their Gross Happiness Index (GHI).

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