24 Mantra Masoor Dal (Weight Options Available)

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The staple yellow dal is an evergreen dal of the Indian Cuisine. Prepared in many styles, the masoor dal is highly nutritious. It has a rich protein content that makes your skin smooth and flawless.  The red lentil daal from 24 Mantra delivers you finger licking taste and a satisfaction of serving healthy organic food to your family.


Nutritional facts: Calories-353kcal Total Fat-1gKcal Saturates-0 gKcal Trans Fat-0 gKcal Cholesterol-0mgKcal Sodium-6mgKcal Carbohydrates-60gKcal Fibre-30gKcal Sugar-- Protein-26gkcal Vitamin A-0gKcal Vitamin C-0Kcal Calcium-80Kcal Iron-2 mgKcal

24 Mantra Masoor Dal is rich in protein. It can be mixed with other dals to prepare a nutritious dal or curry.

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