24 Mantra Multi Grain Atta 500 gm

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Enjoy the very best in nutritious and wholesome foodstuffs with the 24 Mantra Organic’s Multi Grain Atta. The Atta combines the goodness of wheat, barley, soy and bengal gram to provide a power packed meal. It is also rich in fibre content. Multi Grain Atta is an excellent method of controlling blood cholesterol levels. 24 Mantra Organic’s Multi Grain Atta has high protein content and helps keep your body fit and active. It has numerous minerals that play a crucial role in improving the overall vitality of the body. It can be mixed with whole wheat flour to produce a variety of nutritious food items. It is also used in the preparation of a variety of delicious snacks. 24 Mantra Organic’s Multi Grain Atta is organically produced and certified as per Indian, US and European Organic Standards.



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