24 Mantra Urad Dal Black (Whole) 500 gm

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No matter it is your lunch or dinner, the black urad dal makes it place in your thali. The black lentil from 24 Mantra is rich with vital nutrients which make it an essential food item for every household. Super delicious and fine texture, are its two deliverables. Easy to prepare, this organic dal is one of the best items of the grocery section of Greenobazaar.


Nutritional facts: Calories-347kcal Total Fat-1gKcal Saturates-0 gKcal Trans Fat-0 gKcal Cholesterol-0mgKcal Sodium-15gKcal Carbohydrates-63gKcal Fibre-16 gKcal Sugar-- Protein-24gKcal Vitamin A-0Kcal Vitamin C- 0Kcal Calcium-130 mgKcal Iron-6mgKcal

24 Mantra Dals cooked traditionally retain their natural flavor and aroma.


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