Darima Artisan Himalayan Gruyere Cheese 200 GM



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Artisan Cheese is cheese that is produced primarily by hand, using a natural
process. By natural process we mean, milk fresh from the dairy is pasteurized, and
with the addition of cheese culture and rennet, it is cooked, drained and formed in to
roundels. These roundels are then aged and cared for in special aging rooms till it
matures. Matured cheese roundels form a hard rind which protects the cheese within
while it ages. Should you eat the rind? We recommend you discard the rind, but
there are die hard cheese lovers who do eat it.

Himalayan Gruyere
Inspired by the Swiss Gruyere, our cheese boasts a sweet nutty flavor which gets stronger and
complex when aged longer – between 3 to 15 months.
Serving Suggestions: Bread, fruit and mustard


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