Pristine Organics Fields of Gold Chia Seed, 100 gm

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Organic Chia seeds being sold on Greenobazaar is simply one of the best quality to purchase. These seeds are grown without any use of fertilizers or pesticides. One can consume these seeds without worrying about the harmful side effects. These are green and highly beneficial for human body.


 Nutritional Information Nutrients Per 100g Energy 330kcal Protein 20.7g Carbohydrate 1.0g Total Fat 32.8g of which omega 3 21% Dietary Fiber 41.2g

Can be used together or alone as stuffing or topping. Can be soaked by adding 150ml of water to 1tsp of seed. Allow to rest in water for 5 min. The swelled gel covered seeds can be consumed as is it or in plain water, soup, salad, fruit juice or butter milk.


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