Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera Gel Orange & Cinnamon, 100 gm

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This gel is suitable for non-sensitive skin. It heals acne and removes blemishes. It tones the complexion and makes skin smooth and healthy. Slight tingling sensation for a few minutes is normal on application of this gel.


IMPORTANT INFO: When should the gel be applied? Anytime, any number of times,rashes,bites. How many times a day should this product be used? As many times as required. Can it cause any allergies? If you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients. How to test if the one is allergic to the shampoo? Patch Test. As this is a gel, will fungus grow on this gel? As the product is 100% natural, if used with wet fingers, can lead to fungal infection. For what skin type is it suitable? It is not for children, for sensitive,men,skin repair in the night,to fight acne.


"Aloe Vera Orange & Cinnamon Extract Lemon Oil Vit-E Natural Preservative of TCLS"

Apply a small quanity on skin as needed. Can apply on face twice daily.


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