Rustic Art Organic Sandal Face Wash, 101 ml

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“Best suited for all skin types. Sandal soothes skin inflammation, itching, etc. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Cedar Wood prevents acne and even dries existing acne. Sesame heals the skin and nourishes it from within.

BENEFIT: With goodness of Jojoba, Sesame & Cedar Wood, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients Hand-blended & Natural Vegan Product. Suitable for Aging Skin.

IMPORTANT INFO: For what type of skin is it suitable? Aging skin. How many times a day should this product be used? 2 times a day. Can it cause any allergies? If you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients. How to test if the one is allergic to the shampoo? Patch Test. Solid particles are found in the product. Is it fungus? As the product is natural liquid soap, it may solidify slightly during cooler climatic conditions. There is no fungal growth in the soap. The solids particles will melt when kept in warm water. Is this product tear free? It is not tear free as no numbing agent is added to the wash.

"Organic Oils: Coconut Oil,Sesame Oil,Wheat Germ Oil,Sunflower Oil,Jojoba Oil, Organic lemon juice, Organic Aloe Vera, Veg. Glycerine, De mineralized Water, Certified Essential Oils:Sandal & Cedar wood Caustic Lye, Vit.E, Natural Preservative of TCLS"

Take 2-3 drops and apply on wet face. Rub gently.


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